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Tag: World REfugee Day

Jack Blyzinskyj
Elias Luef and Moritz Schmidt-Rahmer –co-heads at EcoPol

Confronting The Unknown And Creating Safe Spaces – Elias Luef

Business Schools have a responsibility to shape the mindsets of future leaders to be better than those who came before them. Leading this charge is Elias Luef, co-head at EcoPol - a student-led organisation encouraging its members to broaden their perspectives and use their voices to create change.

Cheikh Diouf Faye

Using Education To Transform My Reality – Cheikh Diouf Faye

In recognition of World Refugee Day, BlueSky Thinking speaks to students around the world who have been displaced by global events and conflict, using their experiences, voices and actions to help make the world a better place. Here, we hear Cheikh's story