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Category: Better Business

Innovations in employment, leadership, finance, customer service, defining success, CSR and more from top business education leaders

With an increasingly socially conscious and morally-driven generation of business professionals now entering the arena, does the consultancy sector need to reconsider how to operate more ethically
Do men and women face different barriers when it comes to getting the nod of approval from those higher up?

Who’s Better At Networking – Harry Or Meghan?

Is it more difficult for Meghan Markle to network than it is for Prince Harry? Is Hillary Clinton much more likely to find a support in a senior colleague than her husband Bill? Or, is Beyonce much more like to land a new role through a close colleague than Jay-Z? The question we are asking is, is it more difficult for women to make these high-status connections than it is for men?

Mariza, Nicole, Mariana, Katharina and Betina share their stories of how they found success in industries where women are a minority

Meet The Women Thriving In Male-Dominated Industries

We shine a spotlight on five successful women, thriving in what have been typically male-dominated industries, and sharing the stories of how they found success despite facing greater barriers, challenges and even potentially discrimination.