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LGBT-friendly firms are associated with greater employee commitment, improved job satisfaction, increased employee productivity, and more altruistic workplace behaviour.

Companies With LGBT-Friendly Policies Perform Better

As well as helping to create a more inclusive work environment, LGBT-friendly policies can help attract talent from communities that your competitors might be too close-minded to accept, boosting your competitive advantage.

Qualities such as empathy may sound, to ambitious minds, a little flimsy, but mastering soft skills can often mean the difference between career progression and stagnation

Want To Impress Your Mentor? Show Your Soft Side

Qualities such as empathy, the ability to see the world from another’s vantage point, or imagine oneself in another’s shoes may sound, to ambitious minds, a little flimsy as a skillset, but mastering these abilities can often mean the difference between career progression and stagnation.

CEOs should resist weighing in on every possible opportunity to gain attention and instead focus on supporting relevant societal issues

How To Take A Political Stance As A CEO

More and more business leaders are speaking out on environmental, social, and political issues which are often not directly related to their business. This phenomenon is referred to as ‘CEO activism’. But how can CEOs ensure the stance they take doesn't backfire?