Research shows that awarding CEOs large pay-outs does create a positive impact on company performance, but only in the short-term...

Do Massive CEO Pay-Outs Do More Harm Than Good?

Do large financial incentives help to boost company profits and performance? Given the sums of money involved you would think so, however research from Vlerick Business School shows that offering such financial incentives for CEOs actually has the opposite desired effect in the long-term.

Psychotic, Incompetent, Greedy or Heroic? Which boss are you?

Psychotic, Greedy or Heroic – Which Boss Are You?

From, Psychotic, Incompetent or Greedy, to Good or even Heroic, “Fiction and the Identity of the Boss” profiles 100 bosses from film and TV, and categorises them under one of 10 different management types to understand how managers construct their identities.