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Advice on personal professional development, life-long learning, transferrable skills, flexible working, remote working and hybrid working from business experts

Qualities such as empathy may sound, to ambitious minds, a little flimsy, but mastering soft skills can often mean the difference between career progression and stagnation
Workers making clothes in a garment factory

Is This The Beginning Of The End For Fast Fashion?

The fast fashion industry has been big business many years, but the next generation are changing the status quo. Concerned about the future of our planet, they're following fashion with a more sustainable attitude

Coding is becoming an essential skill, but nearly a quarter of employers say their workforce lacks the digital skills they need.

Coding Is The Future – Are You Ready?

A recent report suggests that nearly a quarter of employers say their workforce lacks the basic digital skills they need. Why is this? In part, it is because educational institutions are not providing students with the skills they need to stay one step ahead in the job market.

Virtual campus at NEOMA Business School

Online Learning Is More Versatile Than You Think

Technology has become an invaluable tool in allowing students to continue their education throughout the pandemic. However, some still feel that a lack of face-to-face contact and engagement can compromise student fulfilment. How can Schools ensure their digital platforms can maintain meaningful connections and enhance the student experience? Find out from institutions that are doing it right.