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Category: World View

International views and societal comments on life issues including globalisation, women in the workforce, work life balance, vaccinations, parenthood and more.

How The Super Wealthy Got Where They Are

Taylor Swift looks set to become America’s youngest self-made female billionaire. The $96 million in U.S. box office sales for the first weekend of her Eras Tour concert film, comes […]

Research conducted by the European Scaleup Institute has found that Ireland has the highest concentration of high-growth firms (HGFs) and hypergrowers in Europe

The Luck Of The Irish? Why Start-Ups Are Thriving In Ireland

According to the ESI, Ireland has the highest concentration of HGFs and hypergrowers (in proportion to overall companies in the country) in the entirety of Europe. But what is it about Ireland that makes it such an attractive spot for startups? And no, it isn’t just the luck of the Irish...

How can homeownership help or hinder the opportunities available to society?

Was Homeownership The Rightmove for The Silent Generation?

World War 2 inflicted significant damage on German cities, impacting properties, businesses, and infrastructure. To understand the profound effects on citizens and their negative attitudes towards homeownership, researchers at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management conducted a study.

Katie Mullan

Sporting Stars Mini Series

Determination, resilience, an appetite for success and a dedication to self-improvement. Such qualities can be typically found on the CV or personal statement of anyone seeking to gain entry to […]

Thick orange smog over the New York City skyline

Why Should You Care About Air Pollution?

Not only is air pollution a major risk factor contributing to many of the leading causes of death, but new research shows air pollution can impact our decision making - damaging economies and even boosting crime rates.