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Tag: Frankfurt School of Management and Finance

How can homeownership help or hinder the opportunities available to society?

Was Homeownership The Rightmove for The Silent Generation?

World War 2 inflicted significant damage on German cities, impacting properties, businesses, and infrastructure. To understand the profound effects on citizens and their negative attitudes towards homeownership, researchers at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management conducted a study.

Elias Luef and Moritz Schmidt-Rahmer –co-heads at EcoPol

Confronting The Unknown And Creating Safe Spaces – Elias Luef

Business Schools have a responsibility to shape the mindsets of future leaders to be better than those who came before them. Leading this charge is Elias Luef, co-head at EcoPol - a student-led organisation encouraging its members to broaden their perspectives and use their voices to create change.

Mariza, Nicole, Mariana, Katharina and Betina share their stories of how they found success in industries where women are a minority

Meet The Women Thriving In Male-Dominated Industries

We shine a spotlight on five successful women, thriving in what have been typically male-dominated industries, and sharing the stories of how they found success despite facing greater barriers, challenges and even potentially discrimination.

Heatwaves Are Damaging People, Planet And Profits

Extreme weather, such as hurricanes, heatwaves and drought no doubt cause significant damage to people and to planet, but there is a growing body of evidence that confirms that climate change is damaging global business too