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Tag: Kings Business School

Is remote working making us lazy? Killing productivity? Or are these rationals for a return to the office born from the frustration of trying to learn the new management skills to oversee disparate teams?

Elon Musk vs Remote Working: Is He Right?

Is remote work making us lazy? With tech savvy companies such as Zoom and X demanding that staff be more physically present, we explore the challenges and opportunities of flexible working. Does being present mean better results?

With big names moving out of the City, and others downsizing, has the demand for remote working taken business out of London?

5 Common Challenges With Hybrid Working In London

Is London truly losing its business community? And how do bosses genuinely feel about staff working from home? Research conducted by King’s Business School suggests that hybrid working isn’t as unpopular amongst employers in the city as people might expect.

How Can The Music Industry Help Artists? Bye Bye A Slice Of The Pie 

The “Big Three” major recording labels continue to dominate the music industry, to the detriment of most artists. Research points to exploitive contracts, unfair royalty splits, and lack of rights to songs. But recording labels can be successful by being more fair and transparent rather than exploiting artists.