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Reducing Stress In The Workplace: Research Round-Up

From flexible working to being set more challenging tasks, employee wants and needs are varied, but research shows that ensuring a good work-life balance is a universal way to improve satisfaction in the workplace. Our monthly research round-up explores the leading ideas on how employers can ensure employee wellbeing and performance.

A Straight road leading into the distance and painted with years from 2022 onwards

10 Essential Management Lessons From 2022

Business schools have continued to provide a pathway to better management practice throughout 2022. We’ve summarised our top 10 lessons from research and academia this year for you to reflect on

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Does Nature Need Legal Rights?

Many argue that climate change is the biggest threat of our time – and there is certainly an abundance of evidence to suggest that we are currently pushing our planet and its' species to the point of exhaustion and extinction. New research indicates that giving nature legal rights could provide a means for it to push back