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Tag: Vienna University of Economics and Business

The university experience, at times, is undoubtedly quite stressful. However, research by Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Institute) finds that humour can improve student performance.

Does Company Culture Bring Out The Dark Side Of CEOs?

Psychopathic leaders may be attracted to leadership positions which give them control over people. These so-called “successful psychopaths” display traits which are widely associated with effective leadership, such as being assertive, creative and charming. So do you have to exhibit psychopathic tendencies to be a successful CEO? Not according to new research.

Immigrants have an understanding of the language, economics, culture and business practises of their home country, that businesses can use.

Want To Expand Internationally? Hire Immigrants

Immigrants are beneficial in helping a business expand internationally according to new research. This, in turn, benefits the economy of both the home and host country. Unfortunately, anti-immigrant sentiment is all too common these days...