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The university experience, at times, is undoubtedly quite stressful. However, research by Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Institute) finds that humour can improve student performance.

Does Company Culture Bring Out The Dark Side Of CEOs?

Psychopathic leaders may be attracted to leadership positions which give them control over people. These so-called “successful psychopaths” display traits which are widely associated with effective leadership, such as being assertive, creative and charming. So do you have to exhibit psychopathic tendencies to be a successful CEO? Not according to new research.

A Straight road leading into the distance and painted with years from 2022 onwards

10 Essential Management Lessons From 2022

Business schools have continued to provide a pathway to better management practice throughout 2022. We’ve summarised our top 10 lessons from research and academia this year for you to reflect on

The study of night-time radiance has been an effective means of mapping global issues like economic growth, poverty and inequality for nearly three decades

Gaining a Global View of Poverty By Using Satellites

The extent to which an area is brightly lit at night (or not) provides an indication of how abundant infrastructure is in the region. Knowing the precise locations of these unlit, potentially impoverished communities is essential if we are to improve their circumstances.