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Caring For Your Body And The Environment – Anna Comas, CEO & Co-Founder at Min Organics 

Anna Comas, GBSB Global Business Schools 2022 G-Accelerator winner

Tell us more about your company and what you do

 In January 2022, we launched Min Organics, an online retailer of bulk organic menstrual products. With Min, we want to offer menstruating people products that make an impact on the environment through products that are biodegradable and compostable and are a far cry from today’s tampons and pads that are made from plastic and synthetic materials.

In addition, our products also have an impact on the body, as they are made only from 100% organic cotton, and are hypoallergenic and respectful of vaginal pH. 

Caring for bodies and the environment is our absolute priority and reason for being.

What inspired you to start a business focused on women’s challenges, and how did you identify the specific needs or gaps in the market that your business addresses?

 I believe that, like many other industries, the intimate hygiene industry has not evolved enough to meet the challenges we currently face as a society. It is true that in recent years there have been new and incredible products such as menstrual cups and absorbent underwear, but we must not forget that, as with everything else, these options are not necessarily valid for everyone, and there are those who prefer to continue using tampons and pads. 

So, we at Min saw an opportunity to grow and evolve the tampon and pad market by selling these products in bulk and with respectful materials, giving people the opportunity to choose exactly which products and quantities they want to buy, thus helping in the best way we know how to respect the environment and the bodies of those who menstruate.

How important is it that this key area has more start-ups focused on tackling this specific challenge for women?

 I think it’s very important to keep coming up with solutions and proposals that help move this industry forward. It is something that accompanies us for many years throughout our lives, so there is nothing more important than trying to make it as easy and comfortable as possible; and not only at the product level, but also through applications that help you keep track of menstruation, initiatives to provide menstrual products to everyone and that there is no menstrual poverty in Spain, among many others. There are many ways to continue helping this industry and, therefore, women.

What is your long-term vision for your business, and how do you see it evolving?

I would like Min to become a national reference for ecological menstrual products. On the other hand, as I mentioned before, I would like through Min to be able to carry out actions that also have a real impact, such as working to bring our products to those who need them most and can’t afford them. For us, the most important thing is to generate a positive impact on society, beyond generating sales.

What advice do you have for other women who are interested in starting a business focused on women’s challenges, and what resources or support do you recommend they seek out?

I believe that society is becoming more and more prepared to support women in their professional careers. Today there are many organisms that offer financing to women entrepreneurs, as well as incubators created by and for women, so there has certainly not been a better time to start these adventures that require courage on one’s part, but certainly need support from society.

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