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Embracing The Spectrum Of Human Diversity – Lukas Peter

Lukas Peter – Head of Revenue & Commercial Strategy, Archer Hotel Capital

To mark PRIDE month, we’re sharing the stories of inspirational business school students and alumni around the world who are using their business school experiences to make the world a more inclusive, place.

Since completing his BSc in International Hospitality Management from EHL Hospitality Business School in 2015 Lukas Peter has brought his considerable skillset, along with his open, embracing and consistently curious mindset to a number of well-known names across the luxury and lifestyle hospitality sector – from the Dorchester to Soho House. Most recently, Lukas became Head of Revenue & Commercial Strategy for Archer Hotel Capital in London.

A self-confessed “people-focused leader”, Lukas shares why it is vital for organisations to embrace the full spectrum of human diversity, beyond LGBTQ+ rights.

How did your experiences as an LGBTQ+ individual influence your decision to pursue a business education and career? 

Being LGBTQ+ has taught me the value of open-mindedness and neutrality, encouraging me to challenge preconceived notions and embrace the spectrum of human diversity. This mindset has driven my educational journey and career, shaping my leadership, decision-making, and collaboration approach.

It’s not my sexuality, but my commitment to respect and openness, that fuels my endeavours in the business world. 

Did you encounter any specific challenges or obstacles related to your LGBTQIA+ identity during your time in business school or in your career afterwards? How did you navigate them?

Thankfully, the challenges were minimal, but I encountered conservative mindsets. I never allowed these to derail my focus or ambition. I am Lukas Peter first and foremost, and my LGBTQ+ identity, while significant, does not solely define me.

Instead, it has inspired growth, steering me towards opportunities championing diversity and inclusivity. 

“Your identity doesn’t confine you; it can boost you to heights you cannot imagine…”

How have you seen attitudes and inclusivity towards LGBTQIA+ individuals evolve within the business sector since you started your career?  

The hospitality industry has always been a welcoming space for the LGBTQ+ community. And it’s been amazing to see this acceptance grow, particularly with a fresh wave of young professionals joining us.

Even in sectors like finance and investment, traditionally male-dominated, things are shifting. At Archer Hotel Capital, we’re doing our part too, and are forming a D&I committee. 

What advice would you give to other LGBTQIA+ individuals who are considering pursuing a business education or starting a career in the business sector? 

Embrace your identity with pride but remember to maintain your professionalism. Your identity doesn’t confine you; it can boost you to heights you cannot imagine.

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